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Bridge the Gaps

Conflicted between opposing dichotomies but why must I pick one? Why can’t I have both?

Not everything is black-and-white, there’s all kinds of in-betweens. For, if there were no in-betweens, there would be no gaps, if there were no gaps there would be no rivers or streams or lakes.

If there were no rivers, streams and lakes there would be no bridges, I like bridges, they’re pretty and I like the water that runs beneath.

If we had no gaps all of that water would just sink into the depths of the earth except for the lucky few that would evaporate into the ethereal skies.

But if this were to happen there would be less water being evaporated into the sky, leading to less rain and the outcome would be death.

Because where there is water there is life. We are made up of water, the moon controls the tides, therefore the moon governs our water bodies and for us humans this is our emotions.

Without emotions we are not connected, and when we are not connected, we are dead.

Don’t silence your inner depths, don’t settle for the simple, dive into the in-between, fill the gaps and choose life, because if you don’t no one will?


❤️💚💙💛💜Love & Light 💜💛💙💚❤️

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Sweet September the only common denominator 

An interesting thought and yet is it? This is the torcher I live and by my thoughts maybe I love as well. 

Is it the shit that haunts me? Or the thoughts that drive me? …maybe that is what keeps me in this existence that I did not ask for or did I or do I? This I do not know or can answer. 

Now, is a moment in time that is not the past or the future because I will not know what that will entail and who can, right? Cuz right now is someone I know!!! 

I do not know who I was 5 years ago nor do I know who I was 3 months ago or maybe a minute ago but I know who I am right now. And I love you. 

I’ve loved you for as long as I’ve known myself or even before I knew myself. And Maybe that’s something I’ve not known everyday or every second of my existence. But everytime I see you I’m reminded, and tortured. Fuck! I love you, why? It doesn’t matter I just fucking love you. 

 Can you blame me?

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