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Wonder This…

Wonder woman the movie is to awaken the new energy. Ascension into the 5th dimension will open wars in the 3D that need to be fought with a open heart like a lion. The north node in Leo highlights the courage and child like spirits to arise. The Aries war energy will have to subside while the peace love dove takes the front line. Wonder woman can’t do it alone she needs her peeps to support her in this mission, everyone counts.
We all have our own battles to fight in order to ascend to the new light. Listen to your inner guides for they will show you the path, be mindful of the the darkness that will try to get you down. Remember the brightest light casts the biggest shadow. We must embrace both to overcome.

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Energy of Pisces Waiting for Aries 

Sometimes in jail we are moved into a smaller confide rooms, where we feel stuck and uncomfortable. We get upset, frustrated, we try to figure shit out, blame ourselves and feel helpless. Sometimes we are moved for a reason outside of ourselves,  where we have no control over the circumstances and really didn’t do anything wrong to deserve it.

The whole time the bigger room just needed upgrades like new paint, doors, beds and floors. 

When you get moved back to the bigger space as a surprise to you, you received something so much worth the temporary move to the smaller space.

You think, wow if I knew what was in store for me I would have not made a big fuss and got all worked up which in turn  just made the move and separation harder on myself. 

So let’s do ourselves a favor during this hard shift put your hands up, surrender, go with the flow like water and imagine something great cuz you just might get it.

❤️💚💙💛💜Love & Light 💜💛💙💚❤️   
✨☄️🌑Guided by the Heaven🌕☄️✨
 💫💫💫Your Lucid Living Coach💫💫💫

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Choose to Breathe

As I lay here on the cliff gazing off into the sun and reflections off the oceans waves, I ponder this thing called life.

My heart quenches for answers to those in my life that have decided to leave us.  So many people I once knew, just vanished, gone to never be seen again in this life time.

I wonder what in Gods name could have been going on in these peoples lives to want to disappear?  I have experienced a lot in my life, battles to over come and painful memories to heal from however, I’m still here.  I have also heard many others stories and struggles and they are still here.

This life is one big learning experience in which we are moved forward in our souls evolution to grow.  Growth is a process and it’s often painful, however if you get through the most painful parts of it, on the other side is something inside that is beautiful, where you blossom and bloom.  There is always light at the end of the tunnel don’t be a cop out. Embrace it all because you’re not the only one, we all have our continuous struggles to overcome and our rights of passage.  Don’t separate yourself from the whole.  We are the collective, we are apart of one another, we are all one!!!  Don’t forget that.  When you hurt, we all hurt.  When you’re happy, we are all happy.  When you are doing your passions, we are all inspired to do our passions.  Just stop being a jerk to yourself and everyone else.

Breathe in abundance, Breathe in joy, Breathe in Love, Breathe in hope, Breathe in strength, Breathe in the universe and Breathe in the support.

Most of all Breathe in your Breath and be good to yourself, love yourself and don’t end your precious life,

We need you!

© 2016 Karina Aragon. All Rights Reserved

That being said if anyone would like a private ear to listen I’m here.