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Winter flame

Staring up to the sky above, thinking about the one that I love. 

It all started here, when I took a break, and felt all the inspiration, I was willing to take. 

I missed the mountains, that comforts so much, it’s always been here when I was out of  touch.  

Just laid down, after being outside, surrounded by the beauty that has been trying to hide. 

Seasons have passed and will do it again, I have your love, I won’t ask you again.  

I feel the cold, nearing to an end, it’s been a hard winter, I’ve learned so much, if I can just hold on a little longer and not say so much. 

Trying to figure it all out, things I already know, while the three dimensional reality wants to only see the snow. 

I can’t live in the winter cuz that’s the way the past, it’s time to step forward because I know it will last. 

I’m here once again by myself but not alone, because I’ve got spirit by my side that’s been guiding me all along. 

I’ve had an urge to run, I’ve had an urge to hide but that is of the past, since I looked into your eyes. 

I don’t believe the lies, the lies that I’ve told myself are no longer true,  as I feel the future, which is so close to you. 

As I write, I feel you so close, even when you’re so afar, kinda feels of like a ghost riding in my car. 

I feel you laying right by my side, waiting for the day, we don’t have to hide. 

Hide in spirit as the physical awaits, until the day comes when it becomes our pure fate.   

I’ve held space for you and only you for so long and I know soon we’ll be singing our adventure song. 

The song of the past will be echoes away, as we rewrite our destiny using new clay.  

You are my pension moving on to the next dimension. 

I feel so crazy, crazy for you, I’m not giving up on me, so please don’t give up on you. 

You can call me mad, but only for you, cuz I believe in something more then meet the eye, yes, we are all just robots in disguise. 

You fell again, from the oceans above and blessed me once again with you to love. 

I can not hide the dream deep inside as i woke up, I can now see you filling my cup.  

Now you’re an actor in my movie scene, I try to direct you but all you do is scream. 

The screams are silent and then really loud, I want you to love and settle down. 

The life we want and the ones that we choose is not that easy when you’re a fool. 

I believe in you so much, but you don’t understand, I know in my heart one day you’ll take my hand. 

Because life has been cruel and beat us up inside, that we no longer can push the real love aside. 

I know what I want, I know what I feel, and when the planets align, I’ll be ready to steal. 

Steal what was mine before karma took over, as now we learned our lesson we’re done with that dharma. 

It’s in the past, we can’t rewrite it, as much as we try, we can not fight it. 

What was lost we can’t get back and we both know it would never really last. 

Cuz now I felt you, the one from the beginning, that I have been missing. 

Nothing compares to my other that burns hot, cuz now I’m reunited with the one that I have sought. 

❤️💚💙💛💜Love & Light 💜💛💙💚❤️   
✨☄️🌑Guided by the Heavens🌕☄️✨
 💫💫💫Your Lucid Living Coach💫💫💫

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Damn garbage cans

So, I’ve been looking for the perfect garbage can, for 6 months. You heard me right, I didn’t realize it was as difficult as finding a husband at the Powerhouse, for me that is. I looked everywhere and all I found was the same old lame cans, either stainless steel that cost $100 up or plastic rubber maid bull shit. Then, I came across this beautiful rose gold garbage can and when I saw it, I was like, this is the garbage can. I ran up like I was in a fucking race, like everyone in T.J. Maxx wanted my garbage can. Yeah, j/k, but no I did. Anyways, this amazing garbage can was on the shelf so I took it down in excitement to check it out. The price was $35 I couldn’t believe my eyes AND there was a big ass dent on top! My dreams shattered just like the day I found out Paul Rudd was married with a kid. Yeah, pretty bad I know. Even worse the floor manager said that was the only one on the floor.  I even called another T.J. Max to see if they could check other stores but no, they said I would have to call each one individually and who the duck had time for that! Not me said the owl. So I gave up. The End!

Not, The End! Today I thought I’d continue the hunt for my perfect garbage can, after waiting a week I felt I could get over the heart break of last weeks failed attempts. I thought I’d try Home Goods, but was quickly disappointed when I arrived at the garbage can isle. I continued my moping around the store to see if I could find something to raise my spirits and BAM! Bathroom isle sang Lit by Denm! That’s right the laundry hamper! My brain exploded! Asking the question, could I use this beautiful laundry hamper as a garbage and recycle? I say yes! I got both laundry hampers one for garbage and one for recycle. Better than any garbage cans out there! Even has a little latch so Teddy my dog can’t get into it. I feel like I scored, $60 for both.

So yeah, to make a long story short Home Goods is where I found my magical make shift garbage & recycle cans.

BAM!! That’s how you do it animal style.

© 2016 Karina Aragon. All Rights Reserved