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Damn garbage cans

So, I’ve been looking for the perfect garbage can, for 6 months. You heard me right, I didn’t realize it was as difficult as finding a husband at the Powerhouse, for me that is. I looked everywhere and all I found was the same old lame cans, either stainless steel that cost $100 up or plastic rubber maid bull shit. Then, I came across this beautiful rose gold garbage can and when I saw it, I was like, this is the garbage can. I ran up like I was in a fucking race, like everyone in T.J. Maxx wanted my garbage can. Yeah, j/k, but no I did. Anyways, this amazing garbage can was on the shelf so I took it down in excitement to check it out. The price was $35 I couldn’t believe my eyes AND there was a big ass dent on top! My dreams shattered just like the day I found out Paul Rudd was married with a kid. Yeah, pretty bad I know. Even worse the floor manager said that was the only one on the floor.  I even called another T.J. Max to see if they could check other stores but no, they said I would have to call each one individually and who the duck had time for that! Not me said the owl. So I gave up. The End!

Not, The End! Today I thought I’d continue the hunt for my perfect garbage can, after waiting a week I felt I could get over the heart break of last weeks failed attempts. I thought I’d try Home Goods, but was quickly disappointed when I arrived at the garbage can isle. I continued my moping around the store to see if I could find something to raise my spirits and BAM! Bathroom isle sang Lit by Denm! That’s right the laundry hamper! My brain exploded! Asking the question, could I use this beautiful laundry hamper as a garbage and recycle? I say yes! I got both laundry hampers one for garbage and one for recycle. Better than any garbage cans out there! Even has a little latch so Teddy my dog can’t get into it. I feel like I scored, $60 for both.

So yeah, to make a long story short Home Goods is where I found my magical make shift garbage & recycle cans.

BAM!! That’s how you do it animal style.

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