Ophiuchus Twin Flames Lilith 

By: Shaun Cook Met this artist in SF last year. Love that this totally reflects the energy I’m getting this week.

The foundation of America “In God we Trust” has been on deception. Keeping Spirit out of the word. The twin flames are portrayed as evil but now we see clearly the 3rd energy and the truth. Flipped the script, Eve & Lilith are extremes both of the earthly short comings. Balance is needed with twin flame unions for Creation, Spirit and God energy.

Thank you NASA for all your hard work keep it coming.


One thought on “Ophiuchus Twin Flames Lilith 

  1. I posted this last September a lot has been revealed since then. Ophiuchus and Orion play a big part in the earthly experience. They are the masculine and the feminine each having its higher and lower frequencies. Finding balance between those two energies are essential to peace and harmony. Orion is between Gemini and Ophiuchus is the tail of Scorpio but is between sagit-tarius. Communications between worlds (higher realms or God) is heightened when going thru deep transformation which helps shed light on the gaps that need to be filled.
    Yes this is very complex, our brains were not taught to think abstractly. If you have any specific questions let me know. Knowledge and truth always evolves cause we are an ever changing and expanding universe.


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