Pisces in the house!!!! Solar Eclipse New moon

Happy sun moving into Pisces!!  Embracing the ebb and flow of life.

You may feel a stronger connection to your emotions & intuition. We maybe feeling heightened emotional energy synched like the tides with the moon cycles because the sun is in a water sign. Pisces energy rules the unconscious, so be mindful what may come up. Be strong and let it come in and then let it go out. Many may be more inclined to escape into an altered state to deal with some of this energy. Try not to over do it on the drinking &  drugs instead write some poetry, paint, draw and tap into your creative juices and play.

We are also between eclipse right now so there will already be an over all intensity. Eclipses is God physically speaking,so take some time out to listen, be silent and meditate. 

The big solar eclipse in Pisces on the New Moon in Pisces is February 26th. Also Mercury moves into Pisces, joining the pity party Neptune and Chiron. Well,what does this mean for you? Jumping off a bridge sounds exciting when hope has failed!! Haha. Just kidding but yeah for us Fire signs it’s enough water to put our fire parties out. Pisces is a mutable sign and there will be five mutable energies which, represents the ending and closing to chapters. That being said on the flip side, all the new beginnings will be rushing on in, and those that have been waiting for some new shit to happen, no worries your bus full of the new is here to swoop you up. Eclipses energies will sustain for the next 6 months, so purge to  the south and move forward to the north. Embrace the fun and creative energy the lunar eclipse in leo gave you on February 11th and the purging of your insecurities and healing the unconscious that will be brought at solar eclipse in Pisces.

Enjoy the ride called life and keep smiling.


  • Make sure your conscious & sub-conscious are aligned to the same desires in which you are manifesting.
  • Wear a rain coat and boots
  • Don’t get wasted 
  • Let the wounds heal 
  • Forgive those who have done you wrong and move forward.
  • Let the emotions be felt, find where they are coming from and then fix it.
  • Release that which no longer serves your higher self. (Quit smoking, over indulging, release any bad habits and relationships)
  • Open yourself up to the new opportunities
  • Say, YES 
  • Plant your seeds of intention
  • Get creative, dance, start a hobby, write & paint.
  • Love others, be selfless
  • As much as you shut out the old make sure to invite in the new.
  • Do what makes you shine!!!

❤️💚💙💛💜Love & Light 💜💛💙💚❤️   
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