Mercury retrograde, Mars, Uranus, and North Node. Get a grip!

Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is the House of communication ruled by Saturn which is a cardinal sign. This is going to bring to light what you want for this new season we have just stepped into. We are initiating a new direction, one that serves our ascension into the new world of 2017. This is highlighting what we need to redo, re-plan, rearrange to be conducive to this new plan. How will we make shit happen. Capricorn is a responsible, committed, and hardworking sign. What will you do to commit, facilitate and be dedicated to your new understanding of where you want to be in this upcoming year?
Mars moved into Pisces as well which is not the easiest of signs for this fiery planet. This could be impulsiveness as well as the unconscious mind. You could be delusional in your thinking or you could be over thinking and stressed about things you have no control over. 
Uranus the planet of rebellion and it is in Aries, which is a head strong fire sign that is connected to the physical body. Ancient rules of the ankles, head and mental faculties, pineal, sexual glands, immunity, nervous system and arthritis. So you maybe experiencing a lot of physical uncomforts or problems in these areas, which could be brought on by your own reckless behaviors. 

Take this time to be mindful about our unconscious behaviors and patterns. Ask yourself what could I change or do better for my overall health and wellbeing. How could you elicit more assertion and awareness of you own mind and will?
The North node retrograde in Virgo says to stay grounded, focus on improving yourself and organizing your environment to help assist your new found developments. 

The south node being in Pisces is telling us to be mindful of your over indulgence in mind altering substances and our thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us. 

This is a time to be pure in minded, body and spirit. Be open to the things that can not be explained, measured and understood. This is a magical, fanciful and creative energy that can be used to assist your dreams and manifestations. Let it speak to your soul and mind. Set your intentions on your true desires and make shit happen. 
Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Breath in the new fanciful energy and make it a great wrap up of the old year. 
❤️💚💙💛💜Love & Light 💜💛💙💚❤️   
✨☄️🌑Guided by the Heaven🌕☄️✨
 💫💫💫Your Lucid Living Coach💫💫💫

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