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I wish I never saw you again. 

You ask why? Cuz now I can not stop thinking about you, seeing you, or fantisizing about you. 

Before that day I was fine. I looked at myself for happiness, love and contentment. 

That fucking moment changed me. 

I didn’t know I was gonna see you, nor did I know I still loved you. 

It’s fucked up, I know. 

I thought my heart was void of a pulse and it was something I needed to accept as a sign of age. 

But, I thank you for giving me my heart back that I was missing. 

The heart I thought I lost that no longer belonged to me. 

But, now I know it still is, you still are and my heart is still found tattoed and it keeps me breathing until the day the breath will breathe. 

© 2016 Karina Aragon. All Rights Reserved


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