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Sweet September the only common denominator 

An interesting thought and yet is it? This is the torcher I live and by my thoughts maybe I love as well. 

Is it the shit that haunts me? Or the thoughts that drive me? …maybe that is what keeps me in this existence that I did not ask for or did I or do I? This I do not know or can answer. 

Now, is a moment in time that is not the past or the future because I will not know what that will entail and who can, right? Cuz right now is someone I know!!! 

I do not know who I was 5 years ago nor do I know who I was 3 months ago or maybe a minute ago but I know who I am right now. And I love you. 

I’ve loved you for as long as I’ve known myself or even before I knew myself. And Maybe that’s something I’ve not known everyday or every second of my existence. But everytime I see you I’m reminded, and tortured. Fuck! I love you, why? It doesn’t matter I just fucking love you. 

 Can you blame me?

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