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Full Harvest Moon & Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse in Pisces 

Friday, September 16th

What an exciting time. Change is in the air. Be mindful of the water elements this can be an extremely emotional and sensitive time.
Full moons are completions resembling endings, which make room for the new beginnings. The moon is our feminine energy and our inner selves. Full moons tend to answer questions and new moons are where the questions are asked.

Eclipses change things as well as reveal the hidden things or shadow things. The unconscious will give light to something the conscious mind needs to know.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and stands for connection with the ebb and flow of life cycles. It represents our intuition, compassion, empathy and connections with others.

You may experience sadness or loss but will quickly feel better and on purpose soon after. So my advice is not let yourself get too down and out. With the Moon, Neptune and Chiron (wounded healer) all being in Pisces your feelings maybe intensified. 

Use this energy to be mindful of your own cycles. Think about what you know must go and be released from your life (death of something) and what you know needs to be let in (life of something new). Listen to your intuition and take risks. Remember, with no great risk there is no great reward.
Make peace with the ebb and flow of life and know it’s all for the greater good of your souls journey through this life.
PM me if you want to know where this will be affecting you.

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Mercury Retrograde In Virgo

Happy Mercury retrograde in Virgo!!! I’m kinda excited about this one with virgo being the ruler of mercury the planet of communication. Great time to slow down life a bit and rethink and reconsider the way you’ve been doing things weather in your working life, home situation and most defiantly looking at your daily routines. Find new ways to go about your daily life that will help you productively move forward. Maybe it’s time to organize, clean the clutter, rearrange to help assist your new health habits, whatever it is reevaluation is always a step in the right direction. Have a great few weeks friends!
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I wish I never saw you again. 

You ask why? Cuz now I can not stop thinking about you, seeing you, or fantisizing about you. 

Before that day I was fine. I looked at myself for happiness, love and contentment. 

That fucking moment changed me. 

I didn’t know I was gonna see you, nor did I know I still loved you. 

It’s fucked up, I know. 

I thought my heart was void of a pulse and it was something I needed to accept as a sign of age. 

But, I thank you for giving me my heart back that I was missing. 

The heart I thought I lost that no longer belonged to me. 

But, now I know it still is, you still are and my heart is still found tattoed and it keeps me breathing until the day the breath will breathe. 

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Abused Heart No More

My heart filled with dismay by the tattooing of your negligence

No More.

You’re striped from your high ex cathedra privilege for taking my love for granted.

The stale linger of hope echoes in your empty chamber.

Breathless and gasping for air as I dissipate through the cracks and evaporated into the nocturnal sky.

Your subsistence subsided, pondering regret of your absence of nourishment to your once exposed heart.

My heart no longer exist

I am content.

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Placebo is scientifically proven to be real, true and statistically significant. If thus is true then anything that we believe in is real and true.So, I believe in anything and everything that will benefit me, heal me and move me forward. 

No room for questioning and doubting these things, this is actually doing yourself and disfavor. 

Karina’s thoughts on pessimism and realism. (Realism is subjective to ones own paradigm) 
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Breathing New Beginnings 

Away from the pollution that rots us inside. Here with the beauty surrounding the sky.  In comes the thoughts destroying my pride, who is this and where am I?

Change is in the making, it’s only you that you’re faking. Take it in, let it out, feeling better as a shout. Bring it on, where’s the fight? I’m winning, I can see the light.

Away from the pollution that rots us inside. Here with the beauty surrounding the sky. In comes the thoughts and feelings of pride, knowing myself right here where I lye. 

(Old Poem from travels to Thailand)

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This Too Shall Pass

Good times and bad, feelings of loneliness, being sad, family and friends must come to an end.

My favorite class, my favorite cup, my nice hard ass that I love. 

The fire will burn and then die out. Boyfriends will come and they will go. Your favorite relationships will melt like snow.

Don’t take for granted what must go, that’s everything now I know. 

My best friends mom that he held so close.

My boyfriend’s dad that he should’ve wrote, to say I love you and goodbye. I wish I could have told you when you were alive. 

My dad’s mother she love to dance diabetes took her legs in advance. Knowing your time was close to an end, we all prayed she would be all right but God wanted her that night. 

I feel so lucky to have this chance to write this poem and remembrance of the people that I have loved and still love now to show them I care and their importance in my life.

(Travels to Thailand early 20’s)

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