Stepping into the Light

We all have a unique story in which contributes to our life and destiny.  In each story there is a villain, a hero and a life changing event.  Some people take their experiences to move them forward and others take their experiences that will keep them hostage.  There is a hero’s journey in everything and everyone, however the question is when will you allow yourself to move forward?  So many rely on time, like time will always be there.  In this life as we know time flies fast and we then move on to another realm of existence which is the unknown.  If you think there is a balance in everything, a ying and a yang, just as there are males and females, well then there must be the same reflection in lives.  I believe we all have our soul’s journey in this life and it continues learning something different in other realms of existence, in which our eye cannot see.  As far as this life, for example, people like Obama and Madonna made their life and destiny a forward motion.  They had to endure many hardships that would have broke most people into hostage or retrograde, but they are the prime examples of unique stories that have made a difference in our world.  These two have reached for the stars despite the struggles of losing parents and being transported all over the world.  I am happy to say these two people have satisfied their souls destiny and purpose.  We  may not have their same soul’s purpose as a President or as an Entertainment Legend, however we could have shared a similar story.  Most of us have experienced pain of a loss, maybe someone close to us or have had to move away from our comforts or have felt unloved or alienated.  You are not alone and that being said let these kinds of people encourage you to reach for your souls purpose and destiny in this world and step into the light, in which you were intended to be.
*Note: If you are lost and don’t know your purpose you can start by pulling up your Astrological Chart if you don’t know already (alabe.com) and look at your North Node this may help guide you to your soul’s purpose.  North Node is where you are heading and the South node is where you are coming out of.  If you need help once you have got it let me know.

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